Urban Tastes
Metal Lunchbox$10.00
Flowered Plates$15.00
White Vintage Lamp from $45.00
Brass Hooks$45.00
Japanese Teapot$30.00
Pair of Wood Lamps from $60.00
Ginger Jar Lamp$60.00
Bird Books$15.00
Brown Bottle$5.00
Plant Hanger One$20.00
Plant Hanger Two$20.00
Plant Hanger Four$20.00
Enamel Pots$15.00
Pots + Pans$25.00
Fruit Bowl$25.00
Plant Hanger Five$20.00
Alabaster Lamp$60.00
Mid-Century Lamp from $60.00
Vintage Glasses$15.00
White Vase$40.00
Apothecarie Jar$18.00
Alpaca Throw$80.00
White Scale$30.00
Loaf Pans$15.00
Cheese Box$15.00
Goodyear Toys$15.00
Pennsylvania Tray$10.00
Del-Mar Tray$10.00
Virginia Tray$8.00
UP Toolbox$40.00
Iowa Poster$20.00
Vermont Poster$20.00
Nebraska Poster$20.00
Delaware Poster$20.00
Missouri Poster$20.00
Alabama Poster$20.00
Brass Box$15.00
Brass Tray$20.00
Flowered Tray$18.00
Foot Locker from $50.00
Backside Painting$30.00
Red Stools from $120.00
White Teapot$20.00
Glass Jar$15.00
Mexican Plates$25.00
Set of Teacups$15.00
White Bowl$25.00
Nesting Pans One$30.00
Nesting Pans Two$30.00
Wood Bowls$20.00
Pair of Bentwood Chairs from $100.00
Small Wood Bowls$40.00
Set of 6 Cane Chairs from $100.00
Fuschia Buffet from $125.00
Round Mirror from $150.00
Pair of Bamboo Chairs from $325.00