Stay or Go

I recently scored this unique and very cool rocker at the thrift store.  I was initially planning on keeping it.  I'm wavering now.  I'm still going to have it re-upholstered as if it were going to be mine but I may sell it.  It's not exactly what I want but I'm afraid I may regret it if I sell it.  I could only find one other like it on the internet. I've narrowed it down to these fabrics:

1. Beacon Hill ($68.05/yd) 2. Robert Allen ($26.40/yd) 3. Beacon Hill ($90.70/yd) 4. Robert Allen ($33.40/yd) 5. Robert Allen ($65.20)

I'm thinking 3, 4 or 5 though 3 is probably going to get the boot based on the price.  I'm not going to need more than a few yards which with the deal I got would still result in a reasonably priced makeover even with 5.  Check out the other swatches I eliminated on Pinterest.