Recipe: Quinoa Crusted Tilapia

Forgive the abundance of quinoa themed dishes but it's so easy to make so I've been using it a lot.  I make some at the beginning of the week and use it throughout the week.  That way I never have an excuse not to eat or to eat something not so healthy. Turns out, quinoa is great for frying fish.  We usually use panko, but I like the quinoa just as much and it's a healthier, whole-grain, option.  And it really gets crunchy, which is what you want, when you fry it.

This is just a guide.  If something doesn't feel right, feel free to adjust.


2 tilapia fillets (or any other white fish, boned and skinned) 1/8 c flour 1 egg, beaten with a fork 2/3 c cooked quinoa (you may need a bit more or less than this depending on the size of your fish and how thick you put it on) Oil, to coat the bottom of a the skillet: best to use a high-heat oil like canola but I used olive oil the last time and it was fine.  I just kept the heat on the lower side.

Heat the oil in a cast-iron skillet on a medium heat.

Put the flour, egg and quinoa each in its own bowl or plate (big enough to let the fish lie flat in each one).  Salt the fish and place it in the bowl of flour and cover completely in a fine coat of flour.  Then place it in the egg and cover completely.  With slightly gooey hands at this point, place the fish in the quinoa and cover both sides.  Be sure to get a good coat of quinoa on all of the fish.  You may need to press it on the fish a bit but it isn't difficult.

At this point the oil should be hot, so carefully place the fish in the skillet directly from its last 'dipping station' (the quinoa) and repeat with the second fillet.  (Just be sure to give the second fillet a little more time in the skillet before you flip it).  Cook approximately 3 minutes on each side.  The size of fish varies pretty dramatically so use your judgement here.  Be sure to be gentle when flipping the fish since it is fish and is pretty fragile and also to keep the quinoa on. Serve immediately.