I've decided it's time to start doing more kid-themed art projects around here and knew exactly where to go for inspiration.  Someone suggested this site a while back when I had tiny babies who "probably" wouldn't appreciate crafts.  Anyway, it is right up my alley.  This guy has an eye for beautiful design no doubt and even has a book that I need to order.  Now that I have one kid who can (kind of) use scissors, it's time.  So we tried out the paper city, but made our own instead of using the template.  I have an art education degree after all so I figured I could handle it.  Truthfully I was a bit nervous about it though (I'm pretty sure I've had art-based anxiety forever; perhaps part of the reason I never did anything with that degree) so started out following Joel's design pretty closely.  Then I loosened up and got some of my own ideas.  I would then pass the drawings on to my son who put the finishing touches on with his crayons.  He was happy with this arrangement and so was I.  I think they turned out really cute and I will definitely keep them and add to them. There's so much more you can add to them and it gets the little one's imaginations going if nothing else.

I got this plant last weekend at an estate sale.  A (not-so?) lovely reminder that you can get super cheap plants at estate sales.  Unfortunately she has a strange sort of hair-cut that will hopefully grow out.  Any suggestions on fixing the look?

I'm hoping that I can get some quick roots on these pretties that fell off the plant. I figure they look a lot like sedums and you can basically just drop sedum cuttings in the ground and they'll grow.  So let's hope for the best with that logic.

And I've got a bunch of new goodies in the store including an assortment of vintage bottles here, here and here which would be great for vases or votives as well as a couple of dressers here and here.

And then there's this formerly ugo bench.  I was not going to distress it but it was so boring so I went for it.  The color got a lot more interesting and much deeper.

And, having just finished this delicious dinner made by my husband, I suggest you try it.  It is SO good and healthy too.