Seagrass Flooring

The floors throughout my house are in need of refinishing, especially the upstairs.  I'm thinking seagrass is what we need in the bedrooms.  I'm talking wall-to-wall professionally installed seagrass.  A little something different you know?  The best thing about seagrass is that it cleans up well because it doesn't absorb any moisture. It took me a while to find some good images of seagrass flooring but I hit the mother lode at cote de texas  and she has lots of info, beyond photos, about seagrass flooring.    I particularly like the look with a pop of color-seems many of the spaces that have the seagrass flooring are neutral but after checking out that post above, my favorites were the ones with color.  I think the following are all seagrass but there could be a sisal (apparently sisal is a different ballgame as far as clean-up goes-as in it doesn't) thrown in somewhere.


While I definitely love color, this bedroom really does it for me.  I love the painted paneling.


A couple pops of color, mostly with floral arrangements, but it works.



This space is definitely not my style, but I love the pattern/texture on this one.

Color! (this one doesn't appear to be wall-to-wall but a large rug)