Apparently, I'm feeling kind of blue lately. (Does anyone recognize that oh-so-blue illustration at the top?)

I've got a lot of blue items in stock at the moment (though the blue bench above just sold!).  I've been trying to purchase some navy blue paint for a while and I keep missing the mark-hence all the blue furniture. The most recent piece was the closest but still wound up more of a moody gray-navy with this dresser.

Fortunately, I wound up liking this color quite a bit (which actually has considerable more sheen than it appears), but I still want a true navy like this kitchen.  It's beautiful but I feel like it could get depressing.

And, just for fun, here are a couple more beautiful blue spaces. This one is the perfect amount of blue I'd say. Look at those floors!

Navy Blue!

And this lovely, is a Nate Berkus joint apparently.

navy blue

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