In Urban Tastes H & F news, this fall we're excited to announce we'll be selling a small selection of pillows made from vintage fabrics.  I found this amazing worsted wool that had been wrapped up in a cedar chest for years at an estate sale semi-recently.  It's so soft and such a lovely shade of pink and is in perfect condition which from my limited experience can be a bit tricky.  Can't wait to turn it into some pretty pillows.

And in more exciting news, my first upholstery project (and by that I mean the first time I've sent something to the upholsterer, not done it myself which is not ever going to happen. Ever.) is back.  This sad sack....

became this striped lovely...

I totally changed my plans as I kind of expected I would re the fabric.  I ended up with something not completely different than some of the fabrics I picked out originally. But I went with Robert Allen Lanes Poppy which had a reasonable price point.  I was pretty scared I would screw it up and didn't want to blow a bunch of money on my mistake so went cheap(ish).

And I scored an awesome piece, the likes of which I've never seen before last week.  It's a sideboard. Here's a before peak since I haven't started on it yet.

And on the home front, we had a bunch of milk leftover last week from our previous week's milk delivery so I made a gallon's worth of yogurt. I've done it a number of times before and have been meaning to start doing it again.  I haven't done the numbers but it's considerably cheaper than the $4+ quarts we buy at Whole Foods and Yes! and it's delicious, especially when using whole milk like I did.  My kids eat a lot, lot, lot of yogurt (as in the gallon's worth of yogurt I made will be gone w/in a week of making it).  It would be great if they didn't eat so much and would eat something else for breakfast (besides toast) but that's not going to happen and it beats most cereals health-wise.  Anyway, the link's here.  I used the putting-the-jars-in-a cooler-with warm-water method, which I've never done before.   I'll probably stick with it.  It worked well.

You should make some!  You'll be happy.