I've gone ahead and decided to make this "Cellar" a regular thing.  I like finding items that I can sell cheaply that I don't want to sell in the proper online store.  It opens up a whole new selection of things to look for.   And, people seem to enjoy the items I find so there you have it. I found this cute vintage (or possibly antique) serpentine dresser for very cheap at a local estate sale.  It's got a lot of charm and the paint color is quite nice considering it's pretty old.  As you can see it's a bit chippy in places --- especially at the bottom.  The drawers work but could use a little messing with (wax or soap works well!).  One of the drawer bottoms (as in, the bottom of a drawer, not the bottom drawer) is cracked all the way across but appears to have been repaired ages ago.  I was going to fix it but I realized there was no sense messing with it.  It doesn't look the greatest from within but the drawer is fully functional. $60 SOLD

I've really been enjoying finding enamel pans.  I really don't like the flecked ones that much but these I love.  I like using them for something other than food-like holding jewelery, plants or a rock collection.  My kids love rocks so this is an attractive, interesting way of displaying them.  These have some scratches and visible signs of use.  $6 each or 2/$10