New Products: Clutches, I-pad Cases & Shoulder Bags

These are a slight diversion from our usual vintage homeware/furniture but they are a fun DC-centric product.  Designed by Julia Ames of Spoolia Design, these were originally banners that hung in the U Street area.  When they were eventually taken down, Julia had a bunch of banners she didn't know what to do with.  Being the creative person that she is, she decided to give them new life by having them made into a variation of bags.  And here they are today...

(ipad case)

(shoulder bag)


The bags are being made in short runs so the supply is limited.  These would make a superb gift!  Check out Spoolia's site for some of her other graphic design projects as well.  And also, we'll be featuring Julia's rowhouse in a special blog post later this week.