The Cellar

Here's a quick cellar addition.  I think this is such a nice mirror....but after I purchased it, I noticed a number of scratches on it.  They aren't deep but there are a number of them toward the top (sorry I couldn't capture them with the camera).  Scratches are one of those things that you'll likely notice up close but not at a distance.  It's $15 and is other wise in good vintage condition (and has wire on the back so it's ready to hang).  This is the second time I've sold a mirror with scratches.  The first time I think I added the scratches myself.  Awesome. Dimensions: 21 1/4 X 31 3/4

I also have this tapestry-style bedspread that I bought at an estate sale a while ago.  I really liked the colors and was thinking that I could use it for pillows.  After I bought it I noticed the angels which, to say the least, aren't really my thing.  I thought I could work around them but there are so many.  If angels are your thing, you can have this for $5.  If they're not, you can just have it.  There are a number of smallish stains on it and you can see the stuff at the edges is looking a little shaggy.  Like I said, you can just have it if you think you can do something with it.