For weeks (and weeks) I was having a bit of a dry spell with my findings.  It seems all the estate sales I went to were pretty crappy or super expensive.  I think I  might be getting back in the swing of things though.  I just added a bunch of stuff to the store.  Though I have to say, I have been having trouble finding much furniture still.  But I will have a few smaller furniture items up this week including a mid-century coffee table, a yellow side table that I've been finishing forever (and may have promised before that I would have up soon, but I mean it this time!), a school chair and hopefully something bigger like a dresser.  I'll also be listing a number of lamps that I have also been finishing forever.  Why does it take forever to finish a lamp?  It's being accessorized...sounds tacky but I hope it will be fairly subtle.

In my spare time, I've been reading this blog which I'm slightly embarrassed to say that I've been reading from the beginning.

And also, I finally figured out where this chair came from.  Turns out, it's by designer Adrian Pearsall who I hadn't even heard of until now but who is quite well-known in the mid-century furniture world.

I love this chair but what I really, really want are two simple mid-century, upholstered, non-rocking chairs like this to fit in that space in my living room.  A little bit of symmetry ya know? Jielde_signal_floor_orange.jpg (JPEG-bild, 600x600 pixlar)

I have about a million-zillion house projects that I need to start working on.  We finally got our new wall sconce!  I didn't get any of the ones I wrote about though I did order one of them.  There was a major delay from their supplier that they didn't mention when I ordered it so I canceled the order.  Though, I'm pretty sure I'd probably have it by now and we haven't actually installed the new one yet so... I'll post that once I get the electrician over to install it. I also need to get working on my daughter's room and paint our dining room which is currently painted brown.  It's going to be white.  I love the brown but given that we live in a row house, we don't have a lot of spare light so I'll take it in the form of a lighter color room.  I/we have been gradually painting all the walls a bit lighter.  Also, I have new chairs for the table that I want to paint (and recover) since I'm not a fan of the oak look and it would look weird with the brown walls and orange that I think I'm going to paint them.  I'm going to try my hand at that Annie Sloan paint that is oh so popular.  I hear you don't have to sand with it and that appeals to me quite a bit in a multiple chair sitch.  I'm still trying to figure out what fabric to use on the seats.   I initially decided on this but decided it has way too much white for a dining room seat.  Duh.  So I'm looking for something else.  I like the idea of using a bold print though.  Just not so much white.

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I keep buying more plants at estate sales.  That's the reason for the first pic up there.  It's my newest addition and I'm hoping it doesn't die.  I really can't say I've had the best of luck with plants but I love them so.  But I finally realized the bedroom is the happiest of places for all of these plants because it gets much more light than any other room in the house.  Speaking of plants, I finally got a new plant accessory (I don't think that's a thing) that I've been wanting for a while.  Maybe I'll do a post on it on Monday. It's not that exciting but I can mix it in with another post that I keep meaning to do.

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