The Cellar

Excuse the kind-of crappy photo.  It's not a good day for taking photos. 

I cleaned out my part of the basement during the storm.  My husband prides himself on his excellent basement organization and can't stand it when it gets out of order.  Well, I have some organizational issues it seems so decided to make us both a bit happier.  Anyway, I found some items down there that I no longer have need for.  I realize that none of them are wildly exciting so that's why this week it's Name Your Price Week. Up for grabs are 1.  7 vintage pants clothes hangers 2. Two professionally-framed "Fashion"  images.  They look like some of the advertisements you see from old catalogs or magazines.  Someone placed enough value on them to have them professionally framed in Killeen, Texas though!  I bought them for the frames which I never ended up using. Approx dimensions: 14.25 X 10.25 (the frames need to be touched up but are a nice simple black; if you like them to keep as-is,  just know that one of the images (the paper only) is slightly warped but hardly visible and there's a bit of discoloration 3. Vintage Dansk Pot (tall) in fair condition (see images) 4. Kitschy Florida Souvenir Plate, approx 7.5 in.

Oh, and I still have this lovely angel blanket which I'm just giving away at this point!  I still have the mirror too...yours for $5!