The Most Boring Blog Post Alert! (What's the correlation between the photo above and this post...there isn't one but all blog posts deserve a photo and I don't have any relevant photos)

I'm not one to be giving out business advice (see Urban Tastes 1.0).  But I did want to share two new-to-me things I came across that make keeping up quite a bit easier.  Last week I had my new accountant set up Quickbooks for me...finally!  She introduced me to the wonder that is Online Quickbooks.  I suppose most people use this version now?  I have no idea.  It can be kind of annoying at times but I'm getting used to it but the real gem of it that it downloads transactions.  This is the main part of Quickbooks for me and I hate doing it and always have trouble reconciling.  This changes everything!  So if you're considering switching over, do it!  I have the cheapest version of it (I think it's $12/month) but when tax season comes I plan on upgrading it to the next level where you can share your info with another person, ie your accountant, so she can easily access any strange info rather than have you do it.

On the same note, she told me it's good to scan all of the receipts and organize them by year/mo which sounded terrible but made complete sense.  It makes it much easier to organize/find them in the future, which hopefully I'll never need to do.  I was planning to use our crappy scanner in the basement, but remembered it didn't work anymore.  Yeah, for it being broken because it led me to Genius Scan, a delightful (?) iphone app!  It scans/takes photos of receipts or anything really, turns them into a PDF, and if there are multiple pages, it easily makes them all one document and then emails them (or if you use the fancier, paid, version allows you to put them in Dropbox).  It's super fast.  Scanning is so tedious and ugh, I just couldn't stand the idea of doing that on a regular basis.  This, no problem. It's kind of fun!

Anyone have any other tricks up their sleeves regarding making things easier and more organized in a business?  I can use all the help I can get!