Bathroom Re-Do

When we first moved into our house, our bathroom was crap.

It was "updated" at some point by the previous owner.  By which I mean, he painted the old subway tiles, put in the gorgeous sconce, a faux-marble countertop in purple, hideous vinyl floor tiles and redid the ceiling very haphazardly.  He did not however address the sinking toilet issue or basically any of the important stuff.  From day one, we knew we would have to redo the bathroom.

We finally got to it last year.  We hired someone to do it thankfully.  We're pretty simple minimalist in our tastes.  We went to Baltimore and got an old tub and sink that were in good shape (for around $100 altogether!). I had always wanted subway tile so we covered the walls in that and then picked out nice hexagon tiles for the floor.  The only storage planned was the medicine cabinet.  I don't have a lot of lady stuff so didn't need lots of storage.  But we did end up putting in two niches in the wall behind the sink which have come in quite handy and are nice to look at .  We slid in some cedar planks from our backyard redo for shelves (ps, that little milk glass vase is available in the shop).

And the newest addition, which I think I mentioned a while back, is the woolly pocket that I had been lusting after for so long.  We're about a month in and the thing is still looking quite verdant so I'm hopeful we'll have what it takes to not kill it.  I did a little research at the nursery when I bought the plants so wasn't blindly buying full-sun plants, like I often do, for a pretty dark space.  I wanted this one to last.  I'm hoping it continues to fill in and get all bushy-like.

Overall we're really happy with it.  There are a couple things I would definitely change.  I'm a little tired of the lighting we chose already.  It's a bit too vintagey for me right now.  Not sure why.