Pinecone Garland

Last week I wrote about making a pinecone garland here.  There was a very real chance that I was never going to do it.  Did I mention that I'm lazy?  But I've found having this blog keeps me on track a bit more with projects.  And I did it...before it was even December.  I started out trying to make it look like this one.

 pinecone garland

(via Real Simple)

That thing must weigh a ton.  I tried it with the same density and not only was it really hard to do but it got heavy, fast.  So I started over and decided to just make multiple garlands.  There are four altogether.  And here's the finished product.

Is it as amazing as the original?  Maybe not, but I have a very modest home and I'm just not sure it could handle so much pinecone bling.

And a quick rundown on how I did it though it's pretty obvious I think: You'll need scissors, twine and pinecones.  I used approximately 80.  Like I said I made it in four parts.  If you want them all to be the same length, cut four long pieces before you make any of the garlands (I forgot to do that so mine are all different sizes which is a-ok with me).  You'll lose a little length so cut it bigger than you'd like it to be.  Simply wrap the twine around the top of each cone allowing it to be covered by the little knobs (what are those called?) and then tie it.  I didn't bother with a knot.  Mine are all spaced differently but approximately 6 inches between each one.  I clearly didn't do the pretty bow but I bought some faux-velvet green ribbon which is quite lovely at the thrift store last week.  To use or not to use?

And I have more projects coming up so be on the lookout!