Craft This: Planter

Tis the season and I'm on the prowl for good pressies.  I wanted to do something a little fun and crafty for my son's teachers this year.  They're young and hip (unlike me who still says hip), so these are perfect.  Plus I'm really into plants these days.

I originally got the idea from here but I mixed it up a bit. It is a very easy and straightforward project that needs little explaining.  But in short (for the one on the right with triangles), I covered the whole thing in paint tape.  I made a small triangle template out of stiff paper and traced each one onto the taped up pot where I wanted them, making sure that they didn't overlap when I got to the end.  You can see that they are not perfectly spaced.  Once I did that, I used the template again to keep my lines straight and exacto-knifed (new verb) around each one.  I then carefully peeled off the triangle and spray- painted it.  I did not use primer for any of the gold.  I thought I might need to distress it a bit to make it look more natural so left the primer off.  I did however use it on the blue. I think the striped one can do without any explaining.

I should note that that when I used the paint tape--fancy, expensive frog tape even--that the paint on the striped pot peeled away as you can see in the photo.  I always assumed it was naturally that color.  And why on earth did it peel away?  Pretty disappointed about that and will likely redo that one this weekend but thought I'd share it anyway in case anyone wants to do it.  I was hoping I could just sand it a bit to blend the two colors but that didn't really work.

Not including the second planter I'll have to buy, this project comes in around $10 for each plant assuming you have some soil on hand.  Not bad.  Oh, and those are Christmas cacti by the way.  You probably guessed it but they're called that because they bloom around Christmas.