We got a new (old) bed for my son at an estate sale a few weeks ago.  It's almost my dream kid's bed.  Not perfect, because if it were perfect it would have a higher headboard but I'm not complaining.  After we got the new bed though, we realized we needed a bed skirt since this bed had a box spring unlike the other.

A while ago, I got a cool blanket with nice texture and detail at an estate sale.  I didn't buy it for any specific purpose but I put it in my son's room.  Once we realized we needed a bed skirt though, I figured out just what to do with it.  So if anyone is in need of a cool bed skirt to give a room a little boost, I still have enough fabric leftover to do another one. I think it would be particularly good in a kid's room given the fun colors (white, gray and aqua) and stripes.  For a twin bed, it's $100 and up (f: $120; q: $130)--clean-lined / no pleats.  If this sounds high, keep in mind that it's done by a local seamstress and is very well made and quite unique (only one other like it in existence!) and can be made to the exact specifications of your bed.

And yes, I realize there's a bit too much going on in this room pattern and color-wise.  The rug has got to go.