I have a chair that I'm getting ready to have recovered and so I've been all over the web searching for the perfect fabric.  There are so many gorgeous fabrics out there.  Thought I'd share a few.  My absolute favorites are out of my price range at the moment but they're still fun to look at. These are some very bright, modern prints that really speak to me.

All Hable Construction: 1. Rose Stripe 2. Water Birds 3. Green Bean Beads 4. Navy Shells I love the organic lines in the Hable Construction line.  The pink stripe and shells are my absolute faves.

All Studio Bon: 1. Pennant, Midnight/Fire 2. Bellows, Fire 3. Scallop, Sun 4. London Bridge, Prussian I love the unique lines in these Studio Bon fabrics.  I get really tired of the traditional geometric patterns that are everywhere.  These are much more interesting...to me!

And here are a couple more earthy prints that I love.

1. Pindler & Pindler Shanti Citrine 2. Pindler & Pindler Segovia Olive 3. Robert Allen Taj Ganges Cinder Fabric 4. Dwell Studio Araveli Amethyst 5. Pindler & Pindler Langdon Shitake 6. Robert Allen Country Cabin Bluebell

My favorite here is #3.

I plan to start offering a lot more upholstered items in 2013.  I'm really excited about it. Here's the chair in its before state.  I hope to have it up for sale in the next few weeks. Stay tuned!