Home: 1. Oh Joy! on Pinterest 2. Expressen (Those chairs are so perfect. Would kill for them) 3. Claesson Koivisto Rune

Style: His: J. Crew  I got these for my husband for Xmas.  I'm kind of shocked at how frequently he wears them. Her: J. Crew I do not have these.  I don't think I could pull them off "at the moment".  Also, I rarely wear anything but jeans these days. But they're super cute.

Green Harissa

Eats: Green harissa via Bon Appetit.  I just found this yesterday and have to make it.  It actually looks quite a bit different than traditional (red) harissa but still good.  Harissa is great for soups and even pasta.

Vintage Turquoise Lamp

Green Basket

Shop: 1. Another lovely campaign dresser 2. Vintage Turquoise Lamp I love this lamp!  It would make a baby or child's room extra cozy.  3. Sweet little wire basket