Home: House Plants

I'm turning into a crazy plant lady which is much cooler than a crazy cat lady...says I.  I have lots of plants these days and I've managed to keep most of them alive (lately).  But I would say, if you are looking for a house plant, all of these are nice and attractive options that are easy to maintain.  I have all of my plants except a couple in a south-facing room with plenty of windows now and that has been key. If you're running out of space for plants, consider hanging them from the ceiling!  I got the hanger on the left (below) from the thrift store for about $4 and the wildly expensive one on the right for Christmas.  I about died when my husband told me how expensive it was.  He doesn't usually share the costs of Christmas presents with me; it came up because of the insanity of it all.  He thought it included the plant it was photographed with which is why he bought it.  Anyway, it is cool, but perhaps not that cool.  I'm thinking about whipping up some macrame holders too.  I made some in high school so how to make them is pretty fresh in my mind.  Or not.

IKEA is a great resource for cheap plants. While they don't have tons to choose from, their offerings are generally pretty attractive and change frequently; plus they always seem to have succulents these days.  Lots of these plants came from there.  Others came from estate sales--also super cheap for a well-established plant--and Johnson's in DC has a great--but expensive--selection.

hanging plants are Christmas cactus and I can't figure out what the smaller one is but I got it at IKEA

back left: fluffy ruffles (I think) fern, what I believe to be a jade plant and a succulent of some sort

the golden plant hanger

clover & cactus

Madagascar dragon tree

bromeliad: this flower is super sharp and spiky

air plant: the easiest of plants to maintain and doesn't even require potting soil

yucca (I think), peace lily (in white pot) and meyer lemon

After going through all of these photos, I'm thinking back and I've almost killed almost all of them.  But things have been going much smoother now that they're all in the front of the house where there's much more light.