Color: Mint

I'm starting to enjoy this mint trend a bit.  Just for fun, here are some lovely items for your person.  I think they're all great though I probably wouldn't spend $15 on fingernail polish given the round stubby things I call fingernails that I don't like to draw attention to if possible.  But, you are getting a safer (non-carcinogenic and whatnot) type of polish which I can appreciate.  And unfortunately those awesome moccasins don't appear to be available anymore.  And I'm guessing, being from Boden, they were a titch expensive.

1. I can't figure out where these are from but it was originally pinned from 2. Gap, $32.95 3. Boden (can't find them on their site anymore though!) 4. Etsy Shop CutieCottage, $10   5. Etsy Shop Aylla, $27 6. Need Supply Co, $15