Sofas On My Mind

We got a new couch (sofa sounds much nicer than couch, but in real life I say couch) a couple years ago from Crate & Barrel.  It was our first new couch.   But we recently decided to go vintage.  Yes, perhaps a bit odd having just got a new one, but there's been a lot of talk about the nastiness of fire-retardant chemicals they use in new upholstered furniture though (carcinogens and whatnot) and it just seems bad...and we both tend to worry about these things-as well we should I suppose.  And on top of that, I never much cared for the couch we got.  I don't mind the lines of it so much but I hate the fabric.  It's too synthetic feeling for me.  So this new couch idea is alright with me.  We've been on the hunt for just a couple days now.  Here are the top contenders...for now:

here, $300 (plus delivery or picking it up in PA??)

This one above is a pretty timeless look I think.  I'd just keep the bigger one.

here, $300

This one (above) is definitely more of a mid-century look but looks a lot like the redone blue one below, which I think is a beauty.

I kind of like this green one (below) but then I saw the one below it and like the lines on it so much better so now I'm not so sure about it knowing there's a better version.  But I would like to see what's going on with those legs or casters in this top one.    The one below it is way out of my price range so it's really just for comparison.


here, $549 (for both I think)



here (love this place), $too much to even contemplate;

I'm nervous.  I want to make sure we get the right one.  Not only do you have to buy something that isn't totally crappy and gross, but then you have to not screw up the upholstery.  I'm good at screwing up expensive purchases.  For example, we got this rug when we bought our couch (the couch was my husband's choice so I don't consider it my mistake fyi).  My husband tried nicely and not very hard to talk me out of it (in fact I didn't even realize he was trying to talk me out of it until later).  Then, it started falling apart at the edge and instead of replacing it (for free) with something better,  I got the same one!  Months later I realized that this rug is just a bit dowdy.  And I've been dying for a new one ever since.  So, like I said... expensive projects make me very nervous.  Anyone have any insight and experience with big upholstery projects?  Requirements: has to be longish and it has to have upholstered arms.  I do a lot of lounging on the couch and it has to be comfortable.  And the new upholstery has to be durable.  Anyway, here are some lovely photos for inspiration.  I especially like anything with beautiful piping.  And I'm feeling drawn to velvet too which I never thought much about.  How about velvet?  Is it durable? I also like slubby fabrics too.  What all boils down to, is that I need help.

Red cross flag, vintage sofa

Emily Henderson

great vintage sofa

Etsy Shop, The ModernHistoric (sold)

Digging this sofa. If your vintage find is a bit grubby, broken or faded etc don't be scared to ad a throw rug/recover, sand back & stain or repaint or repurpose the piece & upcycle with a new purpose!

not sure where this came from originally

Emily Henderson : reupholstered vintage sofa, carving detail of side table

also Emily Henderson

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Design Sponge




Johnny Moustache

Pink vintage couch and black and white throw

this tumblr

Most of these are just for fun, but a couple of them I really like, the yellow one and the two velvety-navy ones.  I'd go for both of those.  Hm, not sure I've got the nerve to do a pattern on a couch.

And this pink couch is top notch.  I'm pretty sure I will never ever get away with a pink couch.  And frankly, it's probably for the best. I don't need a pink couch.

Ok, done saying couch for a while.  But if you have any wisdom on these things, share?