Custom Items

I found these sweet lamps unexpectedly on Friday.  I was at what I thought was an estate sale that was not my style.   And it pretty much wasn't, but then I found these in the basement.  Anyway, they're  basically awesome and I couldn't figure out quite what to do with them.  I was going to spray paint them a high-gloss red, then green, then maybe white?  And because I didn't want to ruin them for someone who might like them as they are, which I totally get because they look like leather, I didn't do any of those things.  Which got me thinking, that I should just offer them as-is for someone who might want to rewire them, themselves.  This would be the cheapest option for customers and a secret for you: rewiring is not hard.  But if you want them totally redone, let me know and I'll do that too.  I'd like to start offering this more often.  In fact, if you're interested in this dresser and would like it customized (ie, painted, new knobs, etc) let me know.