How To Roast A Pepper: Insta-Style

I was making tacos tonight and realized you all could use a pepper-roasting demo.  It's so easy to do and (I think?) lots of people don't realize it.  Hope you love my super-classy-harsh-lighting-not-so-clean-range-man-hand-vague-circle-theme photo montage.  And if the photos don't explain it all, let me do it in words:

1. Place a pepper over a clean(ish) burner and turn heat on high.  I used a poblano (yum!) here but a bell pepper works just as well, if not better.  Turn it occasionally with metal tongs so it is black and crispy everywhere.  This takes from 5-10 minutes.  Don't overdo it, as it's possible to burn through the skin to the 'meat'.  This is easier on a poblano as there isn't as much meat.  It's pretty easy to control though.  Just be sure to turn it regularly. 2. When charred everywhere, put it in a container that seals well.  Leave for about 10 minutes.  This will steam the skin so it can be removed easily. 3. Remove from container and rub the skin off with your fingers and thumbs.  It should rub off pretty easily.  In real life though, running it under cold water while you're doing it makes this miles easier.  The skin falls away when you do it this way. 4. Chop, dice or do as you please (just discard the stem and seeds) and eat!