Crafty: Terrariums

Not sure making terrariums quality as a craft but they do now.  Terrariums are everywhere these days so I won't give a how-to because you can find one here, here and here.  And a million other places.  I made this one for a friend and thought I'd document it for fun.  I got the terrarium at Fishs Eddy.  Picking out what to use was the hardest part.  I kind of wanted to get something with a more unique, vintage feel with a more delicate glass but that didn't work out.  And this turned out great and is a nice large size.  They have a bunch of young plants at Johnston's just for terrariums priced at $2.99 so those were perfect.  I added a couple rocks when I was finished.  I really wanted to add a water feature such as a waterfall or at least a babbling brook.  Really knock it out of the ball park.  But I didn't because that would be impossible.  I found a cute little jar with a ceramic lid at the thrift store the other day so made a little one for myself too.  Sorry, lots of glare on these photos.  I was right by the window.