Craft: Wood Bead Necklace

bead necklace PS, I don't think my decolletage is usually this pink.  I think it's the reflection of the neon peach (or whatever you want to call it) sweater that I'm wearing.  PPS, the neon peach sweater does NOT look good on me.

This is so easy and pretty cute I think.  I went multi-colored with mine but think it might be even cuter if it were just one color.

Supplies: Colored cord; I used dyed hemp from Joann's Wood beads; also from Joann's Scissors

Start off with about 4 feet of each color using two pieces of cord.  I used two different colors but feel free to use just one but still use two pieces of cord.  Tie a knot close to the end  (with a few inches of cord behind it to tie it together when you're done) and place a bead at the end.  And just alternate with a big knot--I did a double knot but this will vary depending on how big the hole to your bead is-and a bead.  The point is that your knot will be big enough to not slide through the bead and will show, adding a bit of color to the plain wood bead; therefore it's best to use a bead with a smallish hole so you don't have to tie a gigantic knot to keep it from moving around.  Bead, knot, bead, knot.  You can decide how big you want it.  Four feet might be a bit of overkill but when you take into account all the knots you'll be tying it is probably a safe size to start with if you want a long necklace.  When you get to the end, do another knot and tie it together and pull tightly.  Too easy.