Craft: Dip-Dyed Plant Hanger

IMG_7028IMG_7032IMG_7012 This one is fun and easy.  The super simple version takes as little as 15 minutes.  You can get much more creative than this and do some macrame and fancy knots.  I did a few different ones as you can see, but these directions are for the basic hanger + dip-dye.  See the photos if my directions are confusing (actually, my photos aren't that great either so just ask if you have any questions that my mediocre directions and crappy photos don't answer).  This is for a smallish planter.  Depending on how sturdy your cord is, you won't want to go much bigger than what I've shown here.

Supplies: Cotton rope /cord (I used some cord I got at the hardware store; the thickest non-rope cord they had) Four beads big enough to fit cord you're using Scissors A piece of tape Dye Mason Jar or other container for dipping your plant hanger

Directions: Cut four pieces of cord 100 in long each (you could go a little shorter, but I cut them long to play it safe).  Fold them in 1/2 and tie a knot at the top so there's a loop to hang the planter from. Now you'll have 8 pieces hanging from the knot.  Tape it to a table so it doesn't move.  Pair the strands together and put a bead on each pair (4 pairs /4 beads).  After adding the bead, split the pair and pair it with its neighbor and join those two together with a knot.  Place the knot approximately 28 inches from the very top.  The last one will be paired with the first one which will join them all in a 'circle'.  Go down about 6 more inches and tie a large knot.  In my photos, you'll see more knots than I mention here.  The extra knots on mine were extraneous though I didn't realize it at the time.  Sorry for the confusion.   Prepare some dye using the directions on the box.  I put it in a glass Mason jar and just dipped it in once I found the right color (test the color on a paper towel).  I used a knife to pull it down in places where it didn't want to dip.  Remove the hanger from dye near a sink and rinse well.  It will lighten when you rinse it so it's good to get it a little darker than you think you'll want.  Let dry.  Hang.  Done.