cracked wallI finally got to work on my daughter's room last week.  We got the earthquake cracks fixed  a few weeks before that so it was time (if anyone needs some cracks repaired, drywall redone, etc. I have a great guy).  Anyway,  I decided to use milk paint which has a beautiful matte finish.  I did a coat and then did another coat and noticed that it was cracking ALL OVER THE PLACE.  In some places it was peeling-off-the-wall-cracking.  I completely flipped but managed to calm myself down with a game plan.  The next day, I sanded everything down, pulled off the paint that was actually peeling and applied spackle to the spots where the wall was no longer smooth.  The milk paint people were very helpful and sent me some glaze or something to seal the old paint so it wouldn't crack next time I applied paint.  They also sent me 2 new gallons of paint for free.  So I'm not complaining.  Even though I am.  But I think it was something about our walls that couldn't have been predicted.  They seemed genuinely baffled by my predicament.   Next week, I'll apply the sealant stuff and try again.  That was supposed to be a really quick paint job.  The room is tiny. In other news, there will be no shipments, pick-ups or deliveries the rest of the week.  If you purchase something, you'll have to hold off on getting it until the 9th.

Oh and a couple other failures of mine: I have not found a sofa yet.  I look all the time.  It seemed like there were tons of options the week I started looking.  I didn't move too quickly because I figured no one buys old couches off craigslist.  Apparently I was wrong.  I inquired about one of them but the man never returned my call and shortly after the listing disappeared.  And I found one other glorious orange sofa and someone had just picked it up.  Sadness.  I also haven't gotten the chair I talked about a while back redone yet.  I spent ages finding the perfect fabric, decided it was too risky and haven't thought about it much since.  I have a really hard time pulling the trigger when it comes to purchasing fabric.