Roundup: Alternative Nightstands for Kiddies

As I mentioned, I'm finally getting to my daughter's room.  And despite the disaster, I'm moving forward.  Her room is small---approximately 8 X 15 and her bed butts right up to the doorway to her room so there is just a really small space for a nightstand.  If I remember correctly, it's 10 inches.  So far I haven't seen any traditional nightstand that would fit so I'm looking for alternatives.  I've considered a floating one, but that seems likely to come off the wall the first time anyone puts any weight on it which inevitably will happen within twenty minutes of being put up.  Don't think those are meant for kid's rooms.

via Martha Stewart

Something like this might be good, but it might be a little shinier than the look I'm going for.  And this is actually too big.  I saw it in the store today and the quality is slightly higher than I was expecting though it looks like the top scratches easily.

via Target

I saw this recently and instantly loved it.  I have a milk crate like this one sitting in my basement.  But I actually think this might be too big too.

via Apartment Therapy and Tudors Down

I also really like this one and think something like it would be perfect.  I looked around on ebay today but all I found was a vintage rattan elephant that could be cool.

also via Apartment Therapy

In a completely different direction, a shelving unit might be cool and then I could do a wall scone with it.  But would it stick out too much?

Weekday Carnival (can't find the direct link)

via Urban Outfitters

Even a vintage kid's school chair might work, but I'm worried about height issues.  The bed has a box spring so will be fairly high.

Any ideas?