garden Happy Monday to you!  It was a lovely weekend with lots of gardening for this family.  My husband put in two raised beds in our tree box over the weekend.  That space has always been kind of dead.  It's mostly just dirt with a little bit of grass.  We're going to put some flowers in it and call it good.  I'll post a photo once it looks like more than just a square with dirt in it.

When I first started the business, I put zero emphasis on the need for a highly-functional blog because I wasn't sure I would really take to the blogging.  But now that I do it regularly, I would love it (just the blog) to be a little more usable and pretty.  That said, I'm looking for someone who specializes in blog design and can implement it as well.  Are there people that do both?  There must be!!  I'm not ready to pull the trigger on it just yet but hopefully within the next six months I'll be there.  But please be in touch if you've got a suggestion!

Since I started this shop, my plan has always been to sell other people's wares as well my own.  I am getting closer to this goal, so if you are  in the DC area and want to sell your NEW handmade wares (think 'home & furnishings' type items) please be in touch with samples of your work.  We all have different tastes, so it's hard to say what I'm looking for exactly but something with a modern, yet earthy vibe to it and the 'greener' the better.  That said, I will be offering my own NEW wares very soon as well.  And with that new addition, I'll also be doing a giveaway.