Easy Room Spray


When I went back to Michigan a few weeks ago, my sister had some room spray that she had made and told me how to make it.  It's super easy and without all of the chemicals that you'd find in a store-bought spray.  That said, of course the lovely scents don't last as long either.  I used lemon oil and it smells great--maybe a little like Pine Sol but still quite nice.  And it would be fun to experiment too with different blends.

You'll need: a small spray bottle (I got a 4 oz bottle from Whole Foods for $2) essential oil (you can buy them online or get them at a place like Whole Foods) Vodka

Directions: Pour the vodka into the bottle and add a few drops of oil to start.  Add more if it's not strong enough.  I ended up adding about 10 drops but my sister said she only used 5.  I guess it depends on the oil a little too.