IMG_7619 I've been painting my daughter's room for a month now.  It's approximately 8 x 15 ft.  Small.  I bought some milk paint that I was really excited about.  I put a coat on then another and then noticed that it was cracking.  Eveywhere.  I totally freaked out.  It was pulling away old paint in some places.  So I called the company--which is great--but they didn't really know what was going on.  But they offered to send me a sealer and some more paint.  So I spent many hours fixing the walls.  And put up the sealer.  And then I carefully added another coat of paint.  It was fine.  I added another.  As it started drying I noticed some cracks.  I figured I missed a few spots since the sealer was clear.  I was (stupidly) optimistic.  'I can fix a couple spots' I thought to myself.  The couple spots turned into lots and lots of cracks.  So a month later, here I am getting ready to fix the walls again.  I can handle it.  But am I ever tired of this project.  I am officially done with the milk paint.  Duh.  There was some sort of chemical reaction happening with the paint and my walls.  They just did not get along even after I applied the sealer.  Judging by the company's reaction, this is not the norm.  Anyway, this week---if I have the energy and the courage---I will finish the painting.  Just writing about it makes me tired.

In other, more upbeat news, I am slowly updating all of my store photos.  I have never really been happy with the photography situation going on there.  It had a very jumbled, chaotic feeling.  It needed some cohesion.  So from now on, all of the photos will have a clean, white background.  It looks nicer (or will when I'm actually done).  It's a lot easier to do.  No need for creativity or staging.  And it feels more professional.  The large scale items will likely be taken with horizontal fence backdrop which I don't love.  But it's harder to come up with a solution for big items.  I once made a backdrop with PVC pipes and muslin but it was the worst.  It was 6 feet tall for one and anytime I wanted to use it, I had to haul the parts from the basement with lots of sharp turns which made it difficult, and then when I put it together, it would always fall apart, making me wildly angry.  So I don't use it anymore.  In fact, I don't think I ever actually used any of the photos I took while using it.  It would be great if I could keep it set up, but we don't have room for it.

I also added a bunch of small items to my shop this weekend.  I had much success at the estate sales last week.  I also have a small (large nightstand or small dresser size) campaign dresser that will be available mid-week if I can get some decent weather to work in.  The plan is to do it in mint.

And lastly, and back to the room I'm working on.  I have a nice, old dresser that I don't want for that room anymore.  The bed is painted already and I want to update the dresser with something unpainted.  I'll sell it as-is for $225.  If you like it, but don't want white or those handles (which I frankly don't care for either), I can do it for $325.  Sorry, the photo is pretty crappy but if you're interested, I can send you a better one or you can come take a look.  I'm not in a big hurry to get rid of it since I don't have a replacement, but if you're in a hurry, maybe we can work something out.

white dresser

Oh and we got our new couch!  I love it.  It had a couple issues when we got it and was a bit wobbly but we fixed it over the weekend and now it's perfect.  I plan to get back to more consistent blogging this week and will post photos soon.