New Couch!

I totally forgot to share a photo of my new couch.  It arrived safely a couple weeks ago.  I was really nervous about it. But it looks quite good.  There were a couple of minor issues that we weren't expecting but we were able to fix them pretty quickly.  I love it.  It's comfy and much more streamlined than our last one.  And the fabric is so much better.  I couldn't stand the feeling of the synthetic fabric on my skin.  While this new one might be synthetic too---it's a velour--what's that made from?--- it's very soft to the touch.   There are some definite similarities with the two couches.  A person might not even notice that we got a new couch if they weren't paying attention.  Anyway, here's the before (which includes my daughter wearing her hooded cardigan upside down). IMG_6726IMG_8424The first photo is no doubt a more appealing photo overall.  I was renting a fancy wide-angle for this which I also should have done for the same feature on Apartment Therapy.  Anyway, it's a dark day today so I had to use interior lighting and pop the ISO all the way up.  You can also see my new 'studio' on the left.  It's still set up waiting for a sunny day during the work week.   Since the other photo was taken, we've also gotten some new art for the wall behind the couch.  My husband is a ship designer and found a cool old nautical map at an estate sale and he had his work friend frame it for him.  I also got rid of my grandma rug after the new couch came.  I couldn't take it anymore.  Part of me is relieved to have it gone.  It no doubt looks a little more modern in that room.  However, we can't lay on the floor anymore (which we sometimes like to do when we're watching tv) and it does feel a little cold without it.  Hopefully getting rid of it will encourage purchasing a new one faster!  I'm really like the Turkish kilims---how novel of me!.  But I also like this one from IKEA though when I pulled this image, I discovered it's a little pricier than I would have guessed for something from IKEA.  But still, as rugs go, quite cheap.  Does anyone have this rug?  I love stripes, so I think this would suit me.  But it's a little bold and so is our coffee table with it's lattice-like design.  Would they compete?  Some of the kilims (maybe not this one so much) are more muted.  Hm, any thoughts?  We've purchased approximately one million IKEA rugs in our day.  None of them have worked out but mostly they were hasty decision made in desperation.  But I've liked this striped one for a while.

STOCKHOLM Rug, flatwoven IKEA The durable, soil-resistant wool surface makes this rug perfect in your living room or under your dining table.