Succulent Propagation

IMG_8445 Did you know you could sprout a new succulent with the leaf of an existing one---aka propagation?  These two little friends (I call everyone/thing a friend now that my son is in school and everyone is a 'friend'; I've clearly taken it to the next level by calling plants friends) came from my biggish succulent (below).  I'm not so good with plant names---can anyone tell me what the name of this one is (eschavaria?)?  I just stuck the leaf in the dirt.  I didn't even bury it and shortly thereafter these guys came up.  Apparently there is a bit of an art to it and I kinda got lucky.  To have the best chance of it working you might want to check out this neat succulent blog.  Oh and I'm pretty sure they aren't supposed to be quite this leggy.  I keep them in the sunniest room in my house but they still want more I'm afraid.