IMG_8686 I finally listed my newest endeavor today!  I've been working on these plant hangers for ages it seems.  I really have grown to love plants over the past few years and I've loved collecting vintage plant hangers too so it was only natural that I would make some of my own.  I went with a very simple, modern look.  They are all made out of 100% cotton rope and, in most cases, wood beads.  Plant hangers are marvelous for people (like me) who are short on space but still want plants around.  Everyone has a ceiling so just remember to think vertical!

While these are the best of the bunch, I'm still considering them pretty experimental so would love feedback!  My favorites are the super simple white ones with wood beads.  What do you think about the beeswax tips on some of them?  I'm not sure really.  It's really simple to get rid of them so wouldn't be a difficult change to make.  They are for sale here, here, here, here and here.

IMG_8630  IMG_8578  IMG_8570   IMG_8776