Drop Leaf Tables

I bought this drop leaf table last week from the same person I bought the small white dresser from.  I wasn't sure about it as it could possibly bring to mind images of muted ginghams and a real shabby chic (I hate that word SO much) look but I also can picture it a bunch of other ways.  After a quick Pinterest search, and even creating a drop leaf table pinterest board, I found some that were great examples of what I would do with table like this (I also found many examples of what I wouldn't do).  There are tons of uses for them as you can see.  And some of them were even used in really modern spaces (like the desk) which I love and is a little unexpected.  I think it would look great paired with some modern Ikea chairs like these.  It would make a nice and relatively inexpensive dining arrangement, especially in a small apartment space.

the link for this one doesn't actually work

Someone clearly copied this from a magazine.  I have no idea where it came from.

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