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When we first moved into our house, the backyard was a mess.  A complete mess.  It's quite a small space by most people's standards.  I think it's about 15 X 20".  It had a tall red fence around it and the first winter we were here, it got blown over in the wind.  The former owner, who had lived here a long time, had done a lot interesting concrete work mostly to hide 'trouble spots'.  When it would start to crack, he would just pave over it, each time painting it green for a natural grassy effect.  One such trouble spot was a fairly large tree stump that he decided would be easier to just concrete over rather than remove.   My husband spent many hours digging it out.  It was rotten and gross and stinky. Also, there was / is a basement entrance in the back.  The retaining wall that supported the stairs down to the basement had started to fall down and so I think one of the solutions was to concrete over the part of the yard that was allowing all the water to seep into and destroy the wall.  Oy. There was also back porch and balcony above the porch.  They were falling off the house and the back porch had been 'winterized' in some spots by adding the plastic flooring that you sometimes (rarely?) see in heavily trafficked areas in offices (I have memories of this stuff from the 80s). It was risky business going out on that balcony.  Enjoy these lovely 'Before' shots and I'll return tomorrow with the 'After' and some more details.

IMG_0071  concrete + rotting tree trunk

IMG_1885scary porch

IMG_1898more concrete work to protect the already destroyed retaining wall; I might add that the older owner relied on concrete blocks as well for various projects

IMG_1902There were clearly signs that the fence was going down

IMG_1911classing the joint up a bit with our Adirondack chairs (and decaying moving boxes)