Vacationing and the Perfect Butter Dish

I'm back from our little family vacation.  We went to Michigan to see family like we do every summer.  We go to my husband's hometown and then mine.  The weather was great.  It rained a bit but was not hot at all which I am thrilled about since I hate the heat.  Last year when we went home it was in the 90s for a good bit of the two week trip.  Generally, it's considerably cooler in Michigan when we go home, but not last year. Wow, it was insane.  And also insane is that this trip my husband and I went out for a date with some Michigan friends one night while we were there.  We left the kiddies with their grandparents.  We were extra early so we drove around in the country and found a covered bridge.  I happen to think covered bridges are kind of awesome.  Like people do, we drove over it (and then turned around because it was the only way to get back to where we were going).  Well, not a week later, the bridge burned to the ground.  Terrible!  It was built in 1867.


One of the many highlights of the trip was getting this awesome butter dish at Meijer.  I'm pretty much in love with it which is evident in the fact that I did a photo shoot with it.  It's so much better than our previous butter dish which had no handle or knob to hold onto which is a ridiculous idea.  Greasy glass is the worst.   It was so stupid we couldn't even use the lid without getting butter all over our hands so we eventually ditched the lid which meant that our butter was never covered which honestly I don't really care about until now that we have fancy covered butter.  Also, it's so cute with its little domed lid and I don't mind a bit that I can't put a whole stick of butter in it.  Who needs that much butter out at once?  We don't eat that much butter and we don't have a lot of counter space for it (though I suppose it could be argued we have more than enough room for a stick of butter...whatever).  I can't find the exact one but here's a very similar set available on One King's Lane.  I totally think two is better b/c then you could use them at a big fancy butter-filled dinner but we just got one.  So there you have it.  Butter, butter, butter.

glass butter dish 1
glass butter dish 1

those are indeed crumbs;  keeping it real

And in more terrible news (for me, not you: the odds of winning are so high!), not a single person has entered my backyard contest which is why I was pretty hesitant about doing it in the first place.  I can't say I've had a ton of luck with my giveaways so please take some pity on me and enter and tell your friends with cool yards (or other outdoor spaces) to enter!  You could win $100 worth of goodies from Urban Tastes.

Also, I'm very light on the furniture at the moment.  I've had a kid or two with me since mid-June + vacation making it a bit difficult to get anything done.  I hope to have at least one dresser done by the end of the week and will hopefully find some more goodies by the end of the week as well.