White Washing Terra Cotta

I was driving my kids to school last week and out of the corner of my eye saw some really pretty planters on someone's front stoop.  I really didn't have a chance to get a second look, but I think what got me was that the terra cotta had a wash to it giving it a subtle Meditteranean look.  I knew it would just take a second, so tried it at home and am quite fond of the results.  What do you think?  I have a bunch of tiny little terra cotta pots filled with succulents on my front porch that I gave the treatment to.  It's super simple.  Water down some white paint.  I used some leftover milk paint from my daughter's bedroom painting debacle.  Paint it or rub it on with a cloth.  Wipe it off leaving some behind.  I left varying amounts behind but like the more subtle look the best I think.  Oh, and it would be easier if the plant wasn't actually in it while painting but, I'm lazy.  And it still only took me a few minutes.  It would look really nice on bigger planters like the ones I saw.

before & after

why yes, that is my garbage in the background; my neighbor gave me all these tiny plants and they really like it outside best; not sure what I'll do when winter comes