Vintage Friday

I got myself another instagram account exclusively for Urban Tastes so you should hop on over there and follow me.  This day (week actually) started out as a bust but ended on a good note.  The estate sale that I spent hours waiting for (partially in the freezing cold mind you) ended up having all the good furniture pieces taken by the time I got inside.  Not a surprise but always disappointing.  I did wind up with these very cool bowls. Does anyone else love wooden bowls like I do?  These are particularly rich in character with their knife marks and whatnot.  I also got what I thought at the time was a pretty tablecloth.  Turned out to be a sari but whatever.  I suppose with my new found sewing skills it could be a tablecloth.

 vintage wood bowls

And another stop later I found this blanket!  As far as I can tell, it's in perfect condition and will be dropped at the dry cleaners to tonight so if anyone is in want/need of an original Hudson Bay blanket, let me know and it should be ready next week!  Also expect some new furniture pieces next week---this week got totally jacked furniture-wise by the weather.

hudson bay blanket

Oh, and let's not forget this glorious light that I picked up yesterday.

pendant light

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