Hello! + Giveaway


Hi there.  It's been so SO long.  The spring got away from me mostly because we finally got our kitchen done!  I'll share it here sooner or later.  I'm terribly bad at sharing things here "these days" (always) but I will definitely get to it soon.  So much for new years resolutions.  Anyway, we are now moved back in to our space and life has returned to normal.  And it's nice (really nice) to have a kitchen that is enjoyable to be in and look at.

But in fun GIVEAWAY news, I just designed and listed a bunch of really fun plant hangers.  They are super cute and have a bit more color than the last round but there are a couple simple, neutral ones as well.  Plant hangers are a great option for those of us that love plants but don't have a lot of space for them.  They free up valuable space and look amazing doing it.  If you would like to win a hanger of your choice, leave a comment below listing your favorite and where you'd put it if you won.  Make sure your email address is included. I'll draw a random number on Monday, May 12.  I think #4 is my favorite.

IMG_5966#1 (comes in choice of: raw, gold and purple)




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