New Dresser

 I haven't been to the auction in ages.  With the kitchen renovation, it was just a little more than I could handle and I didn't have anywhere to put or work on anything.  I did actually go once and didn't get a thing which is always a major disappointment when you drive an hour and a half.  Now that all of that is over and I'm back to business as usual I went this week and got this dresser (and the one behind it which is gorgeous but my neighbor is going to purchase it).

pardon my jungle styling

 I love doing this to dressers which I also did with the two below.  As a side note, these were two of the biggest dressers I've sold (the one with the X handles was THE largest/heaviest--it's difficult to tell but it was an absolute behemoth) and I had to deliver both of them and both of them I had to take (with the help of another person) up two flights of stairs.  Two FULL flights of stairs.  I've never had to do that with any other dresser but these, yes.  I'm pretty strong these days.


Anyway. I got this one this week (no before sorry; but the finish was quite unattractive) and I went ahead and did the same thing to it.  This one has a less polished appearance to the drawers just because of the type of wood it is I guess.  I did the exact same thing to all three.  I really like the look though and think it looks great with the white.  I tried to make the old hardware work by taking of the backplate but surprise, surprise it just looks like something is missing.  I was testing the options in the photo above.  After doing this, I felt like I only had one option and that is to get new ones.  The current ones date it quite a bit and don't do anything for the dresser. I got these pretty knobs just for the bottom drawers (the top pulls don't bother me) that I'm hopeful will give it a more modern look.  I'm also hoping they'll be here by Monday so if anyone is interested, send me an email.