The Cellar

Hi!  It's been ages since I've been on the blog.  But I'm back with some Cellar offerings.  And yes, I have offered some/most of these items before but with no success.  I've lowered the price in order to clear a path in my basement.  I have so much more too!  Everything is $5.  Sorry, the quality of my photos is not amazing but I was in a hurry. Mirror 1: approx 36" across (not wired); has lots of 'age' but is quite pretty Angel Tray: this is actually really cute and great for the holidays; it looks to be hand-painted.  The paint is a bit worn.  Approx 23" across

Mirror 2: approx 34" across; not wired Painting: on the back there is an address on Rhode Island Ave;  kind of weird and spooky but kind of cool; has a small hole in the canvas on the top left; 26" tall

Mirror 3 (left): tiger oak; lots of age and not wired Mirror 4 (right): mahogany, lots of age and needs to be rewired Plant stand: sturdy, but needs to be refinished or painted

Contact Me if you're interested!