Website Update!

Last Monday, I was getting some much need Photoshop help from a friend and owner of Spoolia (the designer of my logo and previous 2 websites) and I was complaining about how crappy my site was functioning and she mentioned square space.  That evening I started playing around with it.  The next evening I did some more and Wednesday I added all the items to my shop.  By Friday, the site was live, which included having my Stripe account (the payment processor that square space uses) set up.  Basically Square Space is awesome.  It is wildly more functional than my wordpress site was--both on the user side and my end of things.  It doesn't even compare.  It's really easy to use and feels like it was made for me.  Previously, my programmers always had to customize things for me but even so, it was never exactly how I wanted it because I only had so much money to invest in it so ultimately it involved a lot of compromise.  But this time around, without even expecting it, I got just what I wanted.  I would like to do a couple tweaks to make it my own, because admittedly, there are a limited number of these templates and they all do look pretty similar but in a modern, fun, easy-to-use sort of way which makes it pretty much no big whoops.  Anyway, just thought I'd share my exciting news!  Will likely be back on Friday for a proper post.