After being a vintage furnishings shop for three years, in 2016 Urban Tastes morphed into a boutique staging company serving DC and Baltimore that specializes in modern spaces and new builds.  We use a mixture of modern and vintage furnishings to create a unique look that you won’t find anywhere else.  We don't offer the predictable furniture sets, but something a little more inspired that feels more like home.  So if you're after a more unique approach to staging, take a look at our portfolio and be in touch.  

It’s best to get on our calendar as soon as you know you'll be needing a stager, but occasionally we have last minute availability.  And if you're after a very special look, we now offer custom staging.  This option requires a bit of extra time (ideally 6-8 weeks) so we can figure out what you're after and then source everything you'll need.  This is a great option for unique or high-end homes and for developers that want to showcase their new builds.