I am so excited to have found Megan. After working with several staging companies over the years and dealing with both prices my clients felt were too high or inventory that we all agreed was subpar, Megan is a total breath of fresh air. She is 100% reasonable in her pricing and her execution of each job is seamless. From a real estate agent’s perspective, one can not underestimate the ability to walk into a completed staging job by Megan to see that nothing needs to be tweaked or changed and there is not last minute scrambling prior to a photo shoot. Megan goes above and beyond to make sure her staging jobs are beautiful, fresh, and photo ready. Top notch every single time.
— Pamela Wye, Vice President at Compass
I am very particular about who I use for staging. I worked in San Francisco real estate for 12 years and have been in the District for almost 4. It’s taken me that long to find a stager that works like Megan. I don’t want a house full of micro-fiber, Ikea furniture and fake art. I want real furnishings that elevate a buyer’s image of their lifestyle and that shows them how to use potentially awkward spaces. I want a buyer to walk in and say “Wait, I can afford this place??” Megan has nailed it every time. Every. Single Time. She is the kind of person I know I can call when out of town and say “please make it happen!” and it will be amazing and wonderful and perfect. Her blend of furnishings that are new and old creates a realistic environment that often gets a “wow, the owner has really good taste” response. I’ve never once heard “Is this staged?” She also checks in frequently and communicates amazingly well.
— James Kastner, District Residential
Megan Adams’ Urban Tastes is a refreshing change from the run-of-the-mill staging companies. With Urban Tastes, your property is staged to feel unique and personalized offering developers and homeowners the opportunity to reflect an individualized aesthetic! This is my “go to” stager!
— Ellen Klein, RLAH
Urban Tastes staged a gloomy basement condo I was worried was not going to sell quickly into an attractive, happy place that was purchased in under a week for full price. I was shocked and amazed and very pleased and so was my seller client!
— Jennifer Myers, Broker, Dwell Residential